General Services

Chemical Cleaning

With oil splashing around inside an engine and with the addition of heat, engines build up a carbon deposit which can slow down/restrict the internal oil flow.There are many different ways to clean an engine but the best way is chemical cleaning. At Car-Aid we use a hot alkaline based bath to soak cast iron in for a specific period of time then use an air assisted water gun to blast away any residue and remaining dirt. Alloys require their own specific cleaning process and for this we have a cold acid based bath, after soaking the parts we blast them off and then all parts from both tanks go into a giant dishwasher where these are once again cleaned, before they are passed inspection.

Diesel & 4X4 Services

Diesel engines are a specialty at Car-Aid, we have experience with all brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Ford, Holden, Mazda, Mercedes, BMW and more. The modern diesel engine has in some ways eclipsed petrol engines in performance, durability and the limiting of dangerous emissions. To meet these continually increasing demands significant advances have had to be made in component quality and the complexity of the fuel metering and engine management systems. Experience and accuracy are essential when machining and assembling these engines and at Car-Aid we pride our selves on being the approved repairer for numerous insurance companies and OE manufacturers from around the South Island. Over the years we have seen the full mantra of what the industry has to offer, from the relatively simple single cylinder to multi cylinder common rail technology from Japanese and European car companies

Engine Assembly

At Car-Aid we have been in the industry for over 50 years and the current staff has an accumulated knowledge of over 65 year experience and in this time have learned a lot in the ways of engine assembly. We have put together some very interesting combinations to make engines as reliable and powerful as a customer has desired, from vintage engines requiring modern replacement bearings and fully filtered oiling systems to all out drag and drift combos that have made a definite mark in their field. It all starts and ends at the engine assembly. To ensure the best results we use the latest technology to measure everything from the surface finish on the gasket faces to digitally calibrated torque wrenches and stretch gauges to provide the optimum clapping loads. Everything is double/triple measured to within .001mm to make sure that manufactures tolerances and clearances are adhered to and there by providing the best result for a well built and reliable engine for our client. Engine AssemblyWe recommend using some of the highest quality components in the business. If youíre after power and reliability itís better to spend a little more in the knowledge that your engine has the capabilities to withstand any extra unforeseen forces that you may be subjecting it to. We have dedicated one side of our workshop solely to engine assembly, where there is more than sufficient natural light and away from all the dust and grime that is involved in machining an engine. Components