Approved Engine Repairers For Insurance

insuranceWe are lucky enough here at Car-Aid to be accepted and approved repairers for almost all reputable insurance repairers in New Zealand. We often have repair work from many of the above mentioned insurance groups in our workshop at any given time.

One of our main advantages is our knowledge and ability to work on these often very late model engines to resolve issues that may have arisen from either accident damage or other mishaps. We have a very good network of suppliers who can assist us with locating parts from all over the world for most of these very new vehicles engines.

Insurance Approved Engine Repairers

We also are heavily involved with the New Zealand, Australian and American Engine Reconditioner’s Associations and by communicating with these members we are able to source much of the technical information and parts required to repair these engines at often very reasonable prices.

If you have an Insurance enquiry you can speak to your insurance company about having your work assessed and repaired by us with the knowledge you engine will be in the care of qualified and professional repairers who care about your engine and the overall outcome of the repair.