Head Drain Vent

Over the years we have made many developments on the track which can be used in everyday applications. The most commonly used modifications apply to modern day Japanese engines such as the RB and SR engines, but that is not to say that you can’t use them in your Toyota or Subaru.

Once you start modifying your engine, you start to find weaknesses in the original manufacturers design such as the ventilation of the crank case on all RB series engines. We rectify this by adding additional venting points (i.e. fitting in rear cylinder head drain/vent, correct catch can plumbing). Due to the restriction of space behind the engine we have developed this design.

Head Drain/VentDesigned to fit into the rear frost plug location of the cylinder head this utilizes an AN-10 fitting and then drains/vents back into a similar fitting above the oil level in the top of the sump.

These are available at Car-Aid on request $P.O.A.