Throttle Body Adapters

Individual throttle bodies have their place in the car scene providing low down torque and sharp throttle response in naturally aspirated engines. But individual throttle bodies can be unnecessary with the addition of forced induction (i.e. turbo, supercharging) and in some cases actually provide a restriction!

Here at Car-Aid we have developed this throttle body adaptor to get rid of those annoying individual throttles, no longer will it be an expensive pain to tune, no more annoying induction noise. Most of our performance enthusiasts opt to eliminate these and fit a large single throttle body.

Throttle Body AdaptersThese adaptors are made to fit in where the standard throttle bodies are situated and you can either use your standard plenum or buy an aftermarket plenum such as the popular Greddy one or similar knockoff. Then it’s just a case of fitting your desired large throttle body and you’re ready to tune your engine

These are available from Car-Aid on request $P.O.A